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Phuket Yacht Charter: Your Ticket to an Exciting Island Hopping Experience

Are you thinking about visiting a place that seems brand new to you? The weather is so hot and you can’t help but think about places that remind you of cool and amazing beaches, world class resorts, island hopping, different kinds of water activities and the like. Well, if these things are what you are thinking of then Phuket is the best place to be. During the summer season, this magnificent city in Thailand is simply the host to countless visitors and tourists from around the world. This is such a big indication of its popularity as a summer destination.


Now that you have already considered Phuket as your destination, you must be thinking about how you can make your tour extra enjoyable and fun too! There are plenty of ways for you to make this thing happen and one of them is through a Phuket yacht charter. This is a special type of water vessel which has become the favorite of many tourists in Thailand. Why? It is because this type of transport service allows them to reach different places in the city. And of course, it is also something that allows them to go island-hopping without the hassle.


So, what are the most probable islands that you and your companions can reach if you are going to hire and ride on a Phuket yacht charter? Here are some of the most popular islands which happen to be the top choices of many people coming to the city:

  • Phi Phi. Popular for sailing and boat charter destinations.
  • Phang Nga Bay. It is where you can find the breathtaking limestone formations.
  • Racha Yai and Racha Noi. Famous for its tropical splendor.
  • And island with exquisite coastline, tropical jungle, idyllic islands and other natural splendors.
  • Similan Islands. Consists of 9 small islands.

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